Testimonials from previous clients

Testimonials from previous clients

Here are excerpts from feedback from some of the clients and couples who have come to me since October 2004.

Couples therapy 
Feedback from Alan and Petra, ages 29 and 28 

Alan: Mark effortlessly switches between a mix of deep therapy and then offering personalised, light-hearted engagement, which makes the session more comfortable and insightful as a whole. I really like his style, he is very straight forward, and is also able to adjust his style depending on our needs.

Petra: I would recommend Mark to you as a couple’s therapist. My relationship with my husband had been on a downward spiral for a while, and we hit rock bottom before contacting Mark. Having Mark as our couple’s therapist definitely helped us understand the underlying dynamics in play between us, and Mark has offered us manageable tools in how to tackle our relationship with a fresh perspective. I think Mark has a friendly energy with a fierce style. Less distant than other professionals; Mark really engages. 

Feedback from Sarah and Pablo, ages 42 and 44 

Mark helped us at different points during the course of our relationship when we faced particularly difficult periods. Mark was really quick to  recognize fundamental relationship patterns and attachment styles. He has an excellent ability to cut through our bullshit talking, facilitating what he sees in a direct and honest manner.

We appreciate his compassionate directness, emotional intelligence and straight-shooting honesty, all of which have helped us immeasurably.

Feedback from Karina, age 37 

Mark’s questions are accurate and allow for an opportunity to reflect upon our own patterns of behaviour. He expects us to be engaged, and that we try out the methods and tools that he supplies us with. That’s really good, and there is “no rest for the wicked” in Mark’ sessions 😉

Individual therapy 
Feedback from DEnnis, age 37 

I saw Mark about 20 times over the course of 6 months. Communicating with Mark online and in person was easy. He is clever, competent, and knew where things were going. I always felt safe with him and could trust him completely. That was fundamental for following the steps he suggested to regain my health and even getting to know myself much better than before.


I absolutely recommend him to you. Mark is very emphatic, and in fact, I did recommend him to a friend of mine who also took up therapy with Mark.

Feedback from adam, age 39 

As a gay man, I was experiencing an identity crisis. I was feeling disconnected, stuck and anxious about my relationship as well as other aspects of my life and needed to understand why.

Mark offers me (sometimes brutal) honesty, stemming from his empathy and understanding. Mark also has a wicked sense of humour, which is great. I learn whilst I laugh! There is a part of myself and my emotions that have been closed off due to my upbringing and other past experiences. Mark has allowed me to re-connect with and explore these emotions and discover the strength within me.


With Mark I feel very challenged and rewarded at the same time.

Feedback from charlotte (she / her), age 38

My therapy with Mark is all about looking at myself through lenses that Mark provides me with. I have looked at my narratives with new perspectives and learned a few new skills to see my life from.

I have referred Mark to other of my friends.


Mark has a good grip of my issues, he is well prepared, and he can be brutally honest sometimes.

Feedback from EMily, age 44

My husband and I were referred by our second couple’s therapist to Mark, as we needed a better couples therapist. My husband and I had been struggling with communication and attachment styles for years.  We held regular weekly sessions with Mark.


The pace at which Mark worked was faster than what I was used to, but the results came along with that, and I am grateful.


My husband and I ultimately got divorced, but the lessons I learned with Mark have steered me away from the worst pitfalls of divorce in Denmark. 

Feedback from tara, age 46

I originally sought out Mark’s help after losing my Dad. His passing away had a big impact on my life. I initially came for grief counselling, but with Mark’s support, I also dared to open up my avoidant attachment style, my critical over-thinking and finally my deep abandonment issues.


If you want to see a psychotherapist who is passionate about helping you become a more authentic “you” and who is consistently there to guide you through that growth, then Mark is the psychotherapist bomb!