Meet Mark

Meet Mark

Professional orientation
My psychotherapeutic practice revolves around psychosynthesis, and is further inspired by process oriented psychology, as well as Jungian, humanistic and transpersonal elements.

Qualifying educational background
I hold a Masters Degree is Psychotherapy from The University of East London. Additionally, I hold a further 2 year education in couples therapy from Re-Vision in London.

Further education and supervision
To keep my professional training ajour I attend international courses, lectures and workshops.

I receive individual supervision via UKCP. Supervision helps me hold ethical considerations, illuminates the unconscious relations in the therapy room and also provides a space to consider specific challenges.

Ethical guidelines
I follow the ethical guidelines of two professional organisations: UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and EFPP (European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy).

I am also a member of the Danish C.G. Jung Forening.

Teaching and lecturing
I have international teaching and lecturing experience within psychotherapy, and have held workshops at annual psychotherapy conferences, both in Denmark and abroad.

I offer you total confidentiality, except where Danish or European law stipulates. If I become aware of issues that bring the safety, growth or well-being of minors into question, I have a legal duty to inform the correct authorities. This also applies if I become aware of plans to harm yourself or others.