Pricelist per April 15th, 2022

All prices are per session, are listed in Danish Kroner (kr.) and include all charges. For companies however, a 25% VAT charge is added, as per Danish tax regulations. 

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Individual psychotherapy
Please note, an individual session lasts one hour, with about 50 minutes of therapeutic processing.
Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1700 1.150 kr.
Extra cost per 1 hour session, when held in the evening, holidays and weekends 300 kr.
Couples therapy, couples counselling and family therapy
Please note, a session lasts two hours with about 1 hour and 50 minutes of therapeutic processing.
Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1700 2.300 kr.
Extra cost per 2 hour session, when held in the evening, holidays and weekends 450 kr.
Special discounts on the hourly rates  
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Therapy at your place
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We meet at your place in Copenhagen 75 kr.
We meet at your place on Sjælland 150 kr.
We meet at your place on Fyn 200 kr.
We meet at your place in Jylland 300 kr.

Unless otherwise agreed, payment is made to my MobilePay Business number “668118” already when booking your sessions with me.

Electronic bank transfers are also welcome; contact me for the details. Invoices can also be drawn up month, per agreement. Each costs 250 kr., and will carry an 8 day payment notice.

Changes / cancellations / no-show

All changes, cancellations or no-shows from the agreed session will result in the following payments:

Change: All changes entail an expense of 200 kr. per hour. 

Cancellation / no-shows: If you cancel more than 7 calendar days ahead of our agreement, your payment will be returned, less a 200 kr. fee per hour. Time or travel additions will not be returned.  

If you cancel less than 7 calendar days in the future, your payment will not be returned. Same in case of absence.

Excluded from the above, however, is own hospitalization, or a doctor’s certificate for infectious diseases, e.g. Covid-19.


Many international clients have insurance coverage for therapy. In these cases, please contact me prior to starting the therapeutic journey for pricing and invoice guidelines.

Getting the support you need

I offer you acute couples counselling, couples therapy and individual psychotherapy based on your preferences, either online, at your place, or at my clinics in Østerbro or Svendborg.

We can also go for a walk.

My pledge

Whichever help and support you need, my pledge to you is consistent.

Next step

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