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What Is Individual Psychotherapy?

What is Couples Therapy?

Acute Crisis Couples Therapy

Do You Have A Doctor’s Referral For Therapy?

How to Arrange Therapy at Your Place

Will Therapy Help With My Problem? And how do I know what to talk about?

Should I Take Sessions Online or In Person?

How To Prepare For An Online Session?

Preventive Therapy? How being prepared brings breakthroughs rather than breakdowns

Will Therapy Help With My Problem? And how do I know what to talk about?

What’s Your Attachment Style

Dealing with Difficult Emotions: What is psychological projection and how do I spot it?

Can My Relationship Recover From An Affair?

How Do You Regulate Yourself? Gain calmness and clarity when faced with challenge

10 Signs That Your Relationship Needs Couples Therapy

Benefits From Having A Therapist in a Different Time Zone

Has Covid-19 affected Your Relationships More Than You Know?

Inclusive Therapy: What do I get?

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I offer you acute couples counselling, couples therapy and individual psychotherapy based on your preferences, either online, at your place, or at my clinics in Østerbro or Svendborg.

We can also go for a walk.

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Whichever help and support you need, my pledge to you is consistent.

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