I have extensive experience with a wide range of issues that brings people to psychotherapy. As your psychotherapist I offer you a safe space from where you can explore your feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Some consider seeking psychotherapeutic support at times of crisis, but more frequently individuals are aware that psychotherapy isn’t limited to crisis management alone. Sometimes returning or persistent feelings “get in the way” of a meaningful life, and psychotherapy can help alleviate such difficulties. Returning feelings of pain, unhappiness, shame, guilt, anger, self-hate, anxiety, despair and depression are frequently reviewed in the course of psychotherapy.

In session, I work closely with the needs of each individual to address issues of immediate concern as well as those of a deeper and more profound nature.

I also offer a viewpoint to the unconscious, working with the dreams, fantasies and desires that often can be difficult to otherwise express and assimilate in the course of an everyday life.

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