Feedback from Clients

Feedback from Stine & Peter, ages 41 and 43

Our experience with Mark as our couple’s therapist began over 5 years ago. With the choices we had in made life, the pressures of a young family and demanding careers – we had spent too little time investing in making our relationship work.  As we grew individually and things around us changed, we needed help in ensuring that our relationship adapted to all these changes … and ultimately how to rediscover one another.

Mark’s support has been instrumental in guiding us to where our relationship is today.

Mark has been helping us at different points during the course of our relationship when we faced particularly difficult periods. Mark very quickly recognizes fundamental relationship patterns and he has an excellent ability to cut through the armour and the bull shit talking, facilitating what he sees in a direct and honest manner.

His guidance through the process of recognizing when negative patterns showed up is very clear. We appreciate his compassionate directness, emotional intelligence and straight-shooting honesty, all of which have helped us immeasurably.

Regarding recommending Mark, we provide 2 voices….

Stine: I highly recommend Mark as he has been a key element for us to navigate through tough periods, especially in situations when we had grown very far apart in our individual development journey. We had both considered divorce at some point and Mark played a big part in us finding each other again.

Peter:  When you your car needs fixing, you find the best mechanic. When you need an operation, you find the best surgeon. If you need help with your relationship, you make sure to find the best therapist. For our relationship, Mark was that person and I have no hesitation in personally recommending him to you.

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