Feedback from Clients

Feedback from Simone F., age 28

I had been thinking of starting therapy for several years. Primarily due to my irrational anxiety, but also because I knew I had some unprocessed childhood traumas. Mark was recommended to me through my network.

I then also chose to receive therapy online, and the consultations feel present, and genuine.

I experience Mark as honest, personal and very direct. I cannot run around corners with him, he sees right through me. Our consultations are challenging, but they are worth every bit. By bringing myself out of my comfort zone, I see that this is where I am really growing.

I have gone to other psychologists before and they only worked in a very isolated way with my anxiety and the particular situation in which it had arisen. With Mark, it’s different. I started therapy due to anxiety, but we also talk about the connection to other things that have affected me throughout my life.

I think Mark is good at helping me see my life in a bigger perspective.

I recommend Mark – on the condition that you want to work with yourself, in depth, where it really hurts and good at the same time.

If you are not ready for it, you better wait a little;)

Getting the support you need

I offer you acute couples counselling, couples therapy and individual psychotherapy based on your preferences, either online, at your place, or at my clinics in Østerbro or Svendborg.

We can also go for a walk.

My pledge

Whichever help and support you need, my pledge to you is consistent.

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