Feedback from Clients

Feedback from Katrine T., age 37

Before we started seeing Mark, we faced challenges in our marriage. These came from our communications, and the differences between us. We had these difficulties with us from our past, and then with our conflicts with one another. We were not that good at supporting, listening to and understanding each other. We started seeing Mark about 3 months ago, we are still doing the work, and we wish to give him our recommendation.

Mark is very trustworthy. He is direct and honest in his communication. Mark possesses a deep insight into the human psyche, and quickly saw the challenges we have, ones that previous couple’s counsellors didn’t pick up on at all. Mark is extremely engaged. He is well prepared for every session and put a lot of energy into the hours that we see him.

Mark’s questions are accurate and allow for an opportunity to reflect upon our own patterns of behaviour. He expects us to be engaged, and that we try out the methods and tools that he supplies us with. That’s really good, and there is “no rest for the wicked” in Mark’ sessions 😉

All the things that Mark sees around me and my partner’s challenges are correct, and he managed to spot them before we arrived at the crucial moment of therapy, where we opened up for that painful “area.” He is incredibly insightful and sees the taboos that we try to hide behind, or even aren’t ready to look at.

I firmly recommend Mark, he is the most skilled couples therapist we have met to date. He has assisted me in seeing a lot about myself, and my patterns, I beforehand was not aware of. I am able to reflect much more about why I behave as I do, which is the first step to changing the patterns one has created for one’s self.

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