Feedback from Clients

Feedback from Erling Klausen, age 38

Serious illness in my immediate family brought me to start therapy with Mark. I have seen Mark for a little over 18 months, about once a week. I am glad to have started a developmental process where I have found a better understanding of myself. I have found a greater inner calm and a deeper desire to get to know myself better, all based on the acute situation in my family. Without the breakdown, and subsequent therapy, I would not have come to the breakthrough I have accomplished today.

In connection with the therapy, I would like to highlight three things that characterize therapy in Mark;

  • In therapy with Mark, I get the feeling of being heard and understood, while Mark in a pleasant way helps me to grasp where the stone in my show is.
  • Mark thereby manages to put issues into perspective. This has helped me see my own situation with different eyes.
  • Mark also provided me with tangible tools to resolve internal and external conflicts, as well as improve the way I communicate. Both tools are something I often use in my everyday life.

I definitely recommend a process with Mark.

The reason is that I have greatly enjoyed the therapy and believe that others will feel the same way.

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