Feedback from clients

Feedback from previous clients

Here are excerpts from feedback from some of the clients and couples who have come to me since October 2004.

Feedback from Adam and Patricia K, ages 29 and 28

Feedback from Alex H., age 38

Feedback from Arlo C., age 42

Feedback from Charlie (she/her), age 42

Feedback from Daniel C., age 30

Feedback from Ellen Kallenbach, age 36

Feedback from Erling Klausen, age 38

Feedback from Katrine T., age 37

Feedback from S.P., age 52

Feedback from Simone F., age 28

Feedback from Stine & Peter, ages 41 and 43


Getting the support you need

I offer you acute couples counselling, couples therapy and individual psychotherapy based on your preferences, either online, at your place, or at my clinics in Østerbro or Svendborg.

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My pledge

Whichever help and support you need, my pledge to you is consistent.

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