Feedback from Clients

Feedback from Arlo C., age 42

I originally sought out Mark’s help after losing my mum. Her passing away was having a big impact on my life. I initially came for grief counselling, but with Mark’s guidance and support, I also dared to open up my anxiety, my critical over-thinking and finally my deep abandonment issues, all of which related to my childhood and early adult life.

What is substantially different about Mark as a psychotherapist is his ability to see beyond I what I choose to present in a session. He listens to what my convictions are about “oh, today I should talk about this-and-that with Mark” but then he asks me a few questions, and suddenly we are at a much deeper depth, like going behind the scenes at the theatre.

I had seen many a therapist over the years, to help me with the issues I mentioned earlier. This previous work, though, only taught me to “deal” with my problems by rationalizing them, and by packing my feelings far away. With other therapists, I felt I was not progressing, and I was sort of looping on the same topics. However, with Mark, I have come to learn to trust his instincts for picking up “what is in the room” and feel comfortable in him challenging me to take a deeper look at myself. In so doing, I have undertaken life changing work and self-development. The work in the therapy room has had such an impact on the relationships with my male partner, my sister, my dad and most importantly with my self.

In the 3 years I have been coming to see Mark, I have grown as a person in so many ways. I have become more in tune with my emotions, more self aware, more clear and grounded in who I am. This had a big impact on my journey through the grief of my Mum’s passing, and what has been the lowest moment in my life so far.

Mark has helped me acknowledge that life is not about how to be better, but instead how to reconnect with my true authentic self.

If you want to see a psychotherapist who is passionate about helping people to become their authentic self and is consistently there to guide you through that journey, then Mark is the person for you!

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