Feedback from Clients

Feedback from Alex H., age 38

As a gay man, I have been brought up in a society that tells me directly and indirectly that I am bad, wrong or less worthy because of my sexual orientation. Before starting therapy, I was experiencing an identity crisis. I was feeling disconnected, stuck and anxious about my relationship as well as other aspects of my life and needed to understand why.

Mark is very perceptive and has an acute awareness of what is happening for me at that moment. Both in the room in the present moment and outside of it.

He always offers me (at times brutal) honesty stemming from empathy and understanding. Mark also has a wicked sense of humour. There is a part of myself and my emotions that have been closed off due to my upbringing and other past experiences. Mark has allowed me to re-connect with and explore these emotions and discover the strength that lies within them. I feel very challenged and rewarded at the same time.

Mark offers presence, and from there acknowledges and sees me, along with what I am struggling with. He gives me a broader perspective and can guide me. All of which gives me clarity for a better state of mind. Therapy makes me feel more grounded and connected with myself.

For other people with issues around their sexual orientation, I recommend seeing Mark. Mark is very respectful and open minded. He creates an environment where I feel safe and seen so I can share my deepest thoughts and feelings. Through therapy with Mark, I have leant the importance of acknowledging and accepting my sexuality and how previous experiences have shaped different aspects of my life.

I have had both face-to-face and online sessions with Mark. Online sessions are very similar to a face-to-face session with added convenience and the calm of being in my own space, rather than having to come to Mark’s therapy offices.

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