Feedback from Clients

Feedback from Adam and Patricia K, ages 29 and 28

Adam: Mark isn’t the right fit for everyone. I personally definitely recommend him, because he fits our needs as a couple’s therapist very well.

He effortlessly switches between a mix of deep therapy and then offering personalised, light-hearted engagement, which makes the session more comfortable and insightful as a whole.

I really like his style, he is very straight forward, and is also able to adjust his style depending on our needs.

I have never been to couples therapy before, and at first it was a little scary, just because it was something new, but the more sessions we have, the more I learn, and the more I look forward to the next one.

Patricia: I would recommend Mark to you as a couple’s therapist, simply because I am happy and grateful for the sessions my husband and I are having with Mark. I think any couple could potentially benefit from such a process.

My relationship with my husband had been on a downward spiral for a while, and we hit rock bottom before contacting Mark.

We needed help with improving our communication and becoming a good influence on each other’s lives.

Having Mark as our couple’s therapist definitely helped us understand the underlying dynamics in play between us, and Mark has offered us manageable tools in how to tackle our relationship with a fresh perspective.

On a personal note, it is not always easy to be confronted with some hard truths in therapy, but it is also helpful.

I think Mark has a friendly energy with a fierce style. Less distant than other professionals; Mark really engages. He feels like that close friend type who will hear the deeper truths, and then put them directly on the table.

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