Benefits from having a therapist in a different time zone

Author William Penn said, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”… It doesn’t have to be this way.

It wasn’t long ago that differing time zones were seen as a barrier, rather than an opportunity. Trying to schedule a call with a friend or colleague 8 to 10 hours ahead of was often a monumental mission. And before conferencing technology, everyday life could be utterly disrupted by someone changing locations.

Back then, if you had a regular appointment, such as for therapy, this would need to be put on hold until you returned from a trip you took. And if you moved to a different location permanently, you’d need to find a new therapist altogether. In this instance, any progress made with a therapist would be lost, and the therapeutic relationship that had worked so well until that point would end. 

But those days are behind us … 

Not only can therapy now be done anywhere, at any time, since I am offering you a richer and more holistic experience by taking therapy online. 

How online therapy works in different time zones

Online therapy defies time and location. Whether you are a Danish national who frequently travels for work, or a person currently living in an entirely different timezone to mine (CET), online therapy is an option throughout your day and mine. 

The benefits of working this way include:

  • Convenience. I understand that when you’re on holiday or at a work function, your schedule is disrupted. We can fit therapy around your pre-existing commitments so that it remains convenient and accessible. Furthermore, if you have signed up to a therapy subscription, we can utilize technology so that we can send each other files, voice notes, emails, whatsapp messages and pre-recorded videos in between sessions. If it is afternoon for you in Asia, or the middle of the night in Los Angeles, and you have a need for help – perhaps a personal revelation or immediate challenge, you can contact me at that moment, and I will respond as soon as I become available – usually within a few hours. 
  • Continuity. Studies have shown that disrupted sessions can inhibit therapy’s success and impact on the client/therapist relationship – therefore should be avoided. If we are having weekly sessions (whether these are in-person or online) and then you get called abroad, continuity is possible. We simply schedule an online session with your new time zone in mind
  • Choice. Before online therapy became mainstream, you’d be limited to choosing a therapist located within your vicinity. Now, thanks to advances in technology, you can choose the therapist you want from a global pool. If you decide I am the therapist for you, it doesn’t matter if you are globally – you will get the support you need, when you need it most. 
Getting the support you need

I offer you acute couples counselling, couples therapy and individual psychotherapy based on your preferences, either online, at your place, or at my clinics in Østerbro or Svendborg.

We can also go for a walk.

My pledge

Whichever help and support you need, my pledge to you is consistent.

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